6 Advantages of a Home Theater

Nearly everyone enjoys watching a good movie from time to time. A trip to the theater to see the latest blockbuster is an almost universally accepted form of entertainment. It is a good way to spend time with the family. It gives friends something to do together and talk about after. It is the go-to plan for first dates, some follow-up dates, and even a few wedding anniversaries. People love movies,, especially at the theater, where the big screen and big sounds have a way of putting them in the middle of the action. To many, this is the ultimate movie viewing experience.

Fortunately, however, such an experience no longer requires a trip to the theater. Consumers now have the ability to bring the theater home to them. With a high-qualityhome theater system,, families, friends, and couples can enjoy their favorite films the same way they would in the theater but with all the perks of being in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, anyone who wants to enjoy the perks of the theater, minus the large crowds, uncomfortable seats, and sticky floors, might find that there are many advantages to owning a home theater system.

The Entertainment Advantages of Owning a Home Theater System

Having access to a home theater system allows the homeowners to watch all their favorite movies, TV shows, or sporting events anytime they wish, with a big picture and rich sounds nearly on par with what can be experienced in a theater. There is much more to a home theater system than giving a few family members a place to watch movies. As far as entertainment goes, this type of setup comes with tons of wonderful possibilities. The following are just a few of them.

1. Watching Movies

Movie nights are an obvious benefit to owning a home theater system, but they can involve a lot more than simply watching a DVD.. After a long week of work and school, the entire family can unwind together by selecting their favorite film, relaxing in their comfortable home theater seats,, and allowing themselves to be immersed in the adventure unfolding on screen. For a more sentimental moment, the whole family can gather around and watch their old family videos. Reliving the past with clips of events like weddings, birthdays, reunions, and vacations can really bring a family together. A home theater system could help everyone become more absorbed in the moment, creating yet another fond memory for them to come back to later on. For a more lighthearted home cinema experience, everyone could gather around with a DVD collection of a favorite TV show. Watching an entire season of TV classics like “I Love Lucy,” “The Cosby Show,” or any other family favorite can be a fun way to spend a day with family members and friends.

2. Watching the Game

Sports enthusiasts could find much to enjoy about owning a home theater system. Instead of piling up on the family sofa every Sunday to watch the football game on a regular old TV set, they could be lying back in front of a large high – definition television (HDTV) and surround sound system that makes them feel like they are practically inside the stadium. Viewers can also be courtside, or ringside, or up close and personal with any of their favorite sporting events. When it is time for the next big pay-per-view boxing match or the summer Olympics or the Stanley Cup, the sports lover in the house can have all of his or her friends over to get in on the action. Having a home theater system would also allow for some of the best Super Bowl parties on the block. Friends and neighbors could gather around in front of the big screen and cheer on their favorite team as if they have their own private section in the stands. Having a home theater system is the next best thing to having a season pass for all the big events.

3. Playing the Game

Video games have become a major form of family entertainment. Many people like to play games like Angry Birds or Temple Run on theirsmartphones,, but by adding any of the latest gaming consoles to a home theater system, the whole family can gather around the big screen and enjoy the game together. There are plenty of video games designed to get everyone of all ages involved, such as Nintendo’s Mario Party, Hasbro’s Family Game Night, or Rock Band.. Of course, some gaming enthusiasts enjoy the opportunity to sit back and play their favorite titles solo. With a big screen and booming surround sound system, they can be fully immersed in their favorite games. War games like Call of Duty could put them in the middle of the battlefield, while a racing game like Gran Turismo could put them behind the wheel. Single-player video games are all about immersion, and there is no better way to get into the game than with a high-quality home theater system.

The Technical Advantages of Owning a Home Theater System

It is clear that home theater systems give families numerous ways to be entertained and enjoy spending time together. But why? What makes a home theater system any more enjoyable than a basic TV set and a DVD player? The answer is simply that the technology is better. With improved technology comes better ways for a person to enjoy his or her entertainment. After people experience their favorite movies or games through a high-quality home theater system, they rarely go back to the old standards. The following are a few of the perks of owning the latest in home theater system technology.

1. The Picture

A proper home theater system is nothing without a great picture. There are high-definition TV sets available in a range of sizes, from small 13-inch sets to 64- inch sets and even bigger. These HDTVs, especially those with a 1080p resolution, offer the sharpest, most brilliant images around. There are also 3- D HDTVs available for when viewers want their movies to really come alive. For an even larger, more theater-like viewing experience, there are projectors that offer the same high resolutions as HDTVs. These projectors can be positioned at the back of the room to create viewing areas large enough to cover an entire wall. Home projectors are the ideal choice for mimicking the theatergoing experience.

2. The Sound

Another reason people like to experience their movies in a theater is because of the booming sound system that surrounds the entire audience. Theater sound systems work wonders for immersing the audience in the film. During a horror film, whispers and scary sounds can be heard from every corner of the room. In an action movie, the audience can hear bullets whizzing right past them or warplanes flying overhead. Thanks to the high-quality surround sound systems currently available, viewers can now experience this same level of immersion at home. Even better, the amazing sound quality can be heard without the interruptions from fellow audience members talking on their cell phones or among themselves.

3. The Gadgets

A home theater system consists of a whole lot more than a screen and speakers. PCs,, video game systems, satellite systems, DVRs,, stereos, and a number of other high-end devices on the market can be added to any home theater system, allowing homeowners to enjoy all of those devices the same way they do their favorite movies. Blu-ray players allow viewers to watch their favorite movies in the highest resolution available on a disc. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 allow users to play the latest high-definition video games, surf the Internet, and even watch Netflix, Hulu, and several other TV viewing services, all from a single console. DIRECTV, Dish Network, and other satellite and cable services offer a large variety of HD channels, making these services perfect additions to any home theater system. Adding a PC to the theater system will allow users to watch YouTube videos, shop online, chat with friends, or use Skype video messaging to talk to friends and family, all with superior video and sound. The local theater will not allow audience members to do any of these things, so anyone interested in getting the most out of their favorite gadgets may want to invest in a home theater system.