How To: Make Your Living Room Better

How To: Living Room Upgrade

1) Change the sound in the room.

Out with the old and in with custom home audio. Choose from in ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, sub-woofers, or sound bars. Better sound – better entertainment experience.

2) Take control of your lighting.

Set up the perfect living room experience with the right lighting. Utilize Lutron Homeworks to control the setting or have Q-Motion shades installed to be able to let in & block out light from your fingertips.

3) Install the proper TV display.

TV Mounts can change the atmosphere and aesthetic of the room. Display of the TV also makes a difference, select an entertainment center that compliments the room.

4) Have one place to control the WHOLE room.

The Neeo Remote is our suggestion for control over room and over the media on the television. Eliminate the number of remotes and switch to one that is built for you.


Check out these images of a customer's home: