Smart Tint® – Switchable privacy film™

Control-it Smart Home Automation is pleased to announce we are now an authorized provider of Smart Tint® – Switchable privacy film™. Our affiliation with Smart Tint®, the leader in switchable film technology, will allow us to provide our clients with superior options for security and privacy.

Smart Tint® film applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Easily control our switchable film™ from clear to frosted (opaque) with the click of a button or command from your smart phone. Smart Tint® switchable privacy film™ is private frosted and opaque when powered off and transparent clear when powered on.

Smart Tint® in use at Space X Conference room

Elon Musk provides an example of how his team uses Smart Tint® in their conference room. Contact Control-it Smart Home Automation today and let’s discuss how Smart Tint® can integrate with your smart home.

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Smart Tint – SpaceX Conference Room Project from Smart Tint on Vimeo.